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MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Sporty 2008

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Mio Sporty 2008

without modification of the design concept would be so untidy. I do not know where to go toward the design. Long, iron horse that has been modified without the concept of looking busy. All crammed into one stream at skubek. similar market may seem.

Working without a concept created Siswo ogah Winoto, builder of Win's Paddock, Purwokerto, Central Java. Like garapannya this time on a follow-up Yamaha Mio Yamaha Mofest Modification Contest 2, Region II, Yogyakarta. "I try to combine the low rider, and hotrod concept. Celebration, matic fighter," said Win, a close call Siswo Winoto.

Wow, matic fighter from Navan who also introduced himself earlier with minor fighter concept. principal who was seriously digarap3560hal2_ Win-ter's Paddock. "Experiments at the beginning of this Mio. Just want to escape from skubek flow like a low rider, and hotrod," explained Win headquartered in Jl. Sunan Ampel, No. 9, Purwokerto, Central Java.

Obviously the flow of fighter named by Win matic baseball far from streetfighter. For Win, kudu highlight trimming frame. This is implemented in matic fighter. Lived 30% of frames is left of the Mio. But the house until the down tube komstir original congenital Mio.

As many as 70% re-order new replacement very cool contrived. Although the rise and has many outstanding design, the frame tralis beginning of the Ducati Monster is transformed into skubek. The old idea, but the transfer from sport to skubek order tralis far more cool.

cool, tubular frame tralis only at the sub-frame supporting the alias order. The combination of sub frame and down tube of the original tralis Mio so snugly. In fact, it looks sturdy skubek. "After about nine meters of pipe," said Win.

Total 9 feet of pipe to make the order tralis in two parts. 4.5 meters, which measure 3.4 inches for the main frame and measures 1.5 inches as the main pipe buffer.

"Everything should be made to support each other. Sokbreker rear section to support the Kudu also heart-healthy. If one construction, bent pipe can resist the load of pretentious," which can be contacted beber Win at 0815-4888-6755.

Finishing should be given the thumbs up. Detail and composition beautifully blended color. But, any suggestions ya, would be much more compact engine dimensions when stretched wheelbase made baseball.

A stretched wheelbase remains opposed to matic fighter.

Street Fighter BESAR3561hal2 INVISIBLE

Streetfighter be the main theme of Win's Paddock (WP) on each claim. In the UK the flow of these modifications have age more than 30 years. The objective look flow streetfighter motorcycle's compact simple alias. Although looks simple, but there you'll enjoy. Iron Horse is clearly visible high-powered engines.

Some are close in spirit streetfighter Mio WP plots. tubular frame which picked from Ducati products that are still stuck in the Street Fighter Ducati 2009. Make the right choice as a replacement tralis tubular subframe and swing arm were made the same so tubular.

Likewise handlebar choice adventure. However, too large and thick handlebar width alias when the wheel's somewhat fitting model Suzuki Thunder 125 or Yamaha RX-King.

But, there are less than WP. No highlight if Mio have high powered engines.


Front tire: Swallow 120/6012
Rear tire: 130/60-12 Tire Deli
Front rim: Sanex Hussar
Rear rim: Sanex Hussar
Front disc: Nissin
Rear discs: Nissin
Front brake hose: TDR
Sokbreker front: WP Fusion

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